WHS To See New Course Offerings in 2021


Classes that will be new for next year are highlighted

Wareham High School prides itself on being very student centered. They often say that if a class does not exist and there is enough interest in it, it can be created. This is reflected well in the new 2021-22 course of studies that was recently approved for next year.

These following classes have been added to the Course of Studies for next year:

  • Makerspace Exploration
  • African American Literature
  • Culinary Arts - Lunch
  • Culinary Arts - Breakfast
  • Culinary Arts - Dinner
  • Intro to Marketing
  • AP Psychology
  • Creative Biology
These new classes work to meet the requests of multiple students and boost the morale of students in school. AP Psychology has been highly requested for a few years now, but has only been offered virtually through Virtual High School; one of the two virtual-learning platforms the students use at WHS. 

Now, AP Psychology and the other new classes will be offered to any student to take.

Another fan favorite are the new culinary classes, not just for the students, but also for the culinary arts instructor and the guidance counselors. The culinary arts instructor Joe Breda, now has more room to teach students more specific things within their semester of culinary arts. 

For guidance, the new culinary arts classes replace Culinary 2, 3, and 4, which students had to take in numerical order, to move on to the next level of the class. The new classes now eliminate such a prerequisite, and allow guidance to be more flexible in their scheduling process and accommodate more students with the highest requested elective. 

While no one knows exactly what next year will bring, we do know is that there will be some great new class options for WHS students. You can view the full Course of Studies for next year by clicking the link below.

 Article written byIndiana T.
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