The Results Are In For The WHS Mock Election


A graph of the results of the 2020 presidential mock election put on by WHS's AP Gov. Class

Wareham High School conducted a mock election leading up to the General Election Day on 3 November.

The results are in, with 33% of the student body voting. Democrats sweep all three elections with resounding victories. In the Presidential General Election, students and staff overwhelmingly voted for Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris, followed by Donald Trump and Mike Pence, 3rd party candidates together garnered less than 10% in total.

In the election for the U.S. Senate Ed Markey garnered almost 3/4ths of the votes, while William Keating was the clear winner for the 9th Congressional Seat in Massachusetts. These numbers are similar to what we saw on Tuesday, with Biden, Markey, and Keating all winning the election. Also in the actual Massachusetts election, voters passed question one and vetoed question two on the ballot. 

This mock election was sponsored by the WHS AP Government class.

By the numbers:
Presidential Race
Biden/Harris, Democrat - 74%
Trump/Pence, Republican - 17.2%
Jorgensen/Cohen, Libertarian - 6.3%
Hawkins/Walker, Green - 2.6%
Blankenship/Mohr, Constitution - 0%

U.S. Senate: Massachusetts
Markey, Democrat - 73.4%
O’Connor, Republican - 26.6%

U.S. Representative for Massachusetts 9th District
Keating, Democrat - 70.3 %
Brady, Republican - 20.8%
Manley, Coach Team America - 8.9%  

    Article written byIndiana T.

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