Happenings in the World of Sports: 10/8/20


Article written 10/8/20

This post is being written as I watch Game 4 of the ALDS (American League Division Series) between the Houston Astros and Oakland Athletics. It is the bottom of the ninth, the Athletics are down by five runs after scoring two to bring the score to 11-6. There are two runners on base with two outs. With that, let’s begin with baseball.

This is the second game being played today, of four. In the first game of the day, the Atlanta Braves beat the Miami Marlins, to sweep the Marlins out of the playoffs. This means the Braves will go on to the National League Championship Series, to face either the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres. In the Astros vs. Athletics game, the Astros emerged victorious after a rough ninth-inning. The Astros will also proceed to their Championship Series, the American League Championship Series. This brings us to the third game of the night. The New York Yankees won against the Tampa Bay Rays, by a score of 5-1, backed by a solid performance from their pitching staff and home runs from both Gleyber Torres and Luke Voit. This win forces a game 5. 

The winner of game 5 will face the Astros in the American League Championship Series. The final game of the night is the Los Angeles Dodgers against the San Diego Padres. The Dodgers, who had the highest winning percentage in baseball this season (.717) and acquired right fielder Mookie Betts from the Boston Red Sox this past offseason, look to win tonight’s game, sweeping the Padres and allowing them to continue to the National League Championship Series, where they would face the Atlanta Braves.

Something to note about the National League Division Series and the World Series: they will be played in front of live fans. These series will be played at the newly opened Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. The stadium, if all tickets are sold, will be filled to approximately 28% capacity. These games will be the first games of the 2020 MLB season to be played in front of live fans.

In basketball news, the Los Angeles Lakers play the Miami Heat on Friday, October 10, at 9:00 EST. The Lakers won the first two games of the series, before the Heat won the third by a score of 115-104. The Lakers then took game 4, with a score of 102-96, putting the Heat on the brink of elimination. As the Lakers lead the series 3-1, they would win the NBA finals with a Game 5 win. This would be Lakers forward Lebron James’ 4th NBA championship, and his first as a Laker.

The NHL draft was two nights ago; let’s discuss. The NHL draft featured seven rounds, with 217 picks overall. The first pick of the draft was Alexis Lafreni√®re, an eighteen-year old out of Quebec, Canada. He is a 6’1” left wing. He was drafted by the New York Rangers. The Boston Bruins’ first pick of the draft, coming in the second round as the 58th overall pick, is Mason Lohrei. The 19-year old defencemen was born in Verona, Wisconsin. He is 6’4” He is a skilled puck-carrier.

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