WVN Becomes Wareham's Newest Source Of News


There is much to look forward to for this year coming from Wareham High School's Audio Visual club and WCTV, as we are going live for the entire town! Starting October 7th, be sure to look out for Wareham Viking News at 5! on the public and educational channels Comcast 9 & 97, Verizon 30 & 28.

Let me explain; Wareham Viking News is a combination of the schools journalism club, and the Audio/Visual Club. In the past, we have produced "The Morning Show" for only high school students. Now, we will be producing "Wareham Viking News at 5" (or WVN @ 5) for all students, parents, and community members, and be taking over WCTV's official news network.

We will still be releasing a shortened version of WVN @ 5 (which will be dubbed "The Morning Show") which will be released at the same time and location the former Morning Show was. This version will be specifically for our student viewers, loaded with similar segments that we've had in the past. The difference is everyone in town can now watch a longer, official news show. Phew, that was a lot!

For the rest of the month of September, WCTV will be playing re-runs of Good Morning Wareham and other morning shows from its past. Starting on October 7th, Wareham Viking News will take the stage. Indiana Troupe, A/V Club President, will serve as Associate Producer for the show and WCTV staff will also be helping the other members of the club learn the ropes of a newscast. 

"Wareham Viking News is excited to be producing a show geared to everyone in town. We don't take this task lightly, and will be training hard and learning everything possible to create and produce a professional newscast for the community", says Troupe. Every Wednesday evening at five we will be going live, right from our WCTV station on Main Street.

Anchors will also be on a rotating schedule, so you will often see new faces, and we will try our best to get information from the best sources we can, to get the best news to you! Our goal is to inform everyone in Wareham of everything happening in Wareham.

This year we are taking big strides to get you the best news to you when you need it, and as a club we cannot wait for Wareham to see what we are planning. The show is going to consist of videos made and edited by the students in the show and actual news reports to keep people in town not only entertained, but informed as well.

We hope you watch, and cannot wait to put this project into action! 

   Article written byEmma A.

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starting the first Wednesday of October on Verizon: 28, 29, 30 and Comcast: 9, 95, 97