The Fight For Fall Sports


South Coast athletes protesting in Somerset: Photo from Save Fall Sports Season Facebook Group

Just a few days ago, all sports in the South Coast Conference for high school sports were postponed until the "Fall 2 Season" to take place sometime in February or March. Outrage sparked among parents, students, and community members. Not only are almost half of SCC schools have to start the school remotely, but now, sports for students have also been canceled.

This was when a Somerset-Berekely Regional High School student, Lauren Rothwell, decided to make a petition online to stop fall sports from being postponed. Now, the petition has about 1700 signatures.

Seeing this petition combined with a common love for sports, a group of parents started a Facebook group called "Save Fall Sports Season". This group was created by Sarah Taylor. WVN got the chance to interview her.

"Everyone was talking about doing something, but no one did anything. So I figured I'd reach out to my contacts throughout the South Coast, and since then [the group] has been growing like wildfire", Taylor says. 

The group now has 295 members throughout the South Coast, all uniting to accomplish a common goal. "I understand the position the school is in to put the students safety first, but they have had the time to come up with a plan. All of Rhode Island, Vermont, and most of Massachusetts can play", Taylor noted.

"What are the kids supposed to do? We've been working on conditioning, but sports are an outlet for a lot of them. We're stuck inside and school is remote or hybrid, so at what point do the kids get to let of some steam and socialize", she says. 

The group has accomplished quite a bit, including hosting two successful protests in Somerset, advocating for their fall sports to happen at it's normal time. They've made emails and calls, and continue to plan new ventures to "save sports"

So what's next for the Save Our Sports team? Members of the group are planning a protest right here in our own town. This Sunday, at Wareham Crossing from 12pm-2pm, the group will be meeting up and advocating for what they believe is right. They're asking all attendees to wear their school colors and wear a mask, as well as bringing a sign and a friend.

If you are interested in joining the Facebook group with almost 300 other members, please click here.

    Article written byIndiana T.

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