This Movie Theater Is Opening With $0.15 Ticket Prices

The movie theaters have been closed ever since quarantine started, and haven't been open ever since. However, one chain of movie theaters is looking to change this.

Executives of movie theater companies are worried about a lack of customers, which makes sense to be quite honest. There is no telling how many people are going to want to visit movie theaters when they open. I could see it going either way. A lot of people might miss the movie theaters and want to go catch a movie after not seeing one for 5 months. But, I can also see a lot of people not wanting to go to the movies, due to the fact you're going to be in a confined space for hours, wearing a mask, probably not eating food, and more. 

AMC is one of the first theater chains to open up after quarantine. The nation’s largest theater chain announced today that when it reopens on August 20th, all movie tickets will cost just 15 cents for the entire day, or the cost of a movie ticket in 1920. This is to celebrate their 100th anniversary, as they opened up in 1920.

AMC Theaters plans to reopen about 100 locations on August 20th, and will be playing films like Black Panther, Back to the Future, Beauty and the Beast, Goonies and Grease. After the opening-day price discount, these catalog films will continue to play for $5 tickets. It also says on their website that they will be offering big-ticket concessions for just $5, such as popcorn, fountain drinks, etc. 

There are also several films that production companies still want to release in August. Disney-Fox wants to release The New Mutants in theaters on August 28th, and Warner Brothers still wants to release Tenet on September 4th, with Bill and Ted Face The Music also being released in select theaters on August 28th.

AMC and most other theater chains are following new safety protocols that include mandatory mask-wearing, social distancing through reduced theater capacity, sanitizing efforts for their seats, vacuuming with HEPA Filter vacuums, and MERV 13 air filters “where possible.”

Theaters opening in Massachusetts include, AMC Assembly Row 12AMC Boston Common 19AMC Braintree 10AMC Burlington Cinema 10AMC DINE-IN Framingham 16AMC Dartmouth Mall 11AMC Liberty Tree Mall 20AMC Methuen 20AMC South Bay Center 12AMC Tyngsboro 12. Yes, you heard right, the Dartmouth Mall theater is opening! BUT, don't get excited yet. The re-opening date for the Dartmouth location isn't until 8/27/20, a week after the 15 cent promotion date. This probably means not 15 cent promotion there, BUT 5 dollars a ticket is still pretty nice. 

For more information on AMC theaters' reopening, click the link below to reach their website with all reopening information

    Article written byIndiana T.

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