The time has come. Finally, an online news forum for Wareham High School. The logic behind this is simple. Many journalism clubs are struggling to stay afloat, due to the fact that paper reports are simply obsolete, and they are not released often. This leads to a lack of readers. And this isn't their fault, BUT, the A/V Club decided to something about it. Here are some highlights of fun things you'll find on this page.

  • Weekly events will be posted on Thursday's or Fridays
  • Breaking school news as it's happening
  • Periodic reminders about things that come up in the school
  • School event information
  • Fun reports from the A/V Club
  • Weekly weather and sports reports
  • The chance to submit your own articles to be posted
So, stay tuned Wareham High School. This will (hopefully) be your favorite and most helpful site by the end of the month.